The Fear


Even though we are obviously progressing towards having a baby I am under no illusions, after our previous pregnancy loss at 21 weeks, that we are¬†getting a baby. There are no guarantees. I almost want to ignore the pregnancy so I don’t become too attached to the idea. Severe health complications arose in the last pregnancy so I am extremely anxious that the same condition will occur in this pregnancy too. If this condition has occurred once, it is¬†statistically and medically more likely to occur again. However because a post-mortem uncovered no genetic abnormalities in our baby it is assumed that it was just (very very) bad luck. Inevitably until we have our 20 week scan (which is a lifetime away) I will be concerned.

All I can do is be as healthy as possible and pray it works out. Worrying won’t change the outcome. The risk is between 2.5-5%. Once again I must wait and hope for the best.