EDC Damage


Hormone-mimicking endocrine disruptor compounds (EDCs) are commonly used in the toiletries, cosmetics and medications that fill our bathroom cabinets. However, alarm bells have been ringing loudly this week as it is being widely reported that these EDCs come with devastating side effects, which include increased rates of testicular cancer and infertility. Now the Nordic Council of Ministers has gathered medical evidence from several countries and quantified the economic impact of EDCs in the hope of expediting an EU ban on the chemicals—a ban which would be the first regulation of EDCs in the world.

Michael Warhurst, of campaign group Chem Trust states:

“Companies should focus on developing and producing products that don’t contain hormone disruptors and other problem chemicals. This will give them a competitive advantage as controls on these chemicals become stricter around the world—and as consumers become more aware of this issue.”

Perhaps we ought to consider the products we use more carefully when so much is at stake. My husband and I went organic months ago to avoid pesticides. We bought ‘safe’ shower gel and tried to reduce the amount of toxic plastic in our home. Now I may take a closer look at the cosmetics I use.


Organic Shmorganic


West Hampstead Farmers' Market 9

Able and cole

I can’t believe that a cynic like me, who always thought organic was a rip off nonsense, has totally embraced it! In an effort to improve our health and well-being we have ditched anything processed and artificial in favour of organic living.

Living close to West Hampstead and Queen’s Park means we have a farmers market which offers locally sourced goodies. Additionally we have a weekly Able & Cole delivery of vegetables, fruit, fish, yogurts and other treats. We also bought a water filter, as there are chemicals and hormones in tap water which are disruptive to fertility. Finally we ditched the cheap plastic boxes we had accumulated from take away restaurants and replaced them with ‘safe’ plastic containers and Pyrex glass dishes which are chemical-free.

I do miss orange squash (which contains tartrazine, supposedly a contributor to cancer) and I enjoy a cheeky one when no one is looking.

Guilt-free Cookies

2014-07-03 17.28.21_resized

We’ve been eating organic and clean lately. My body is a temple and all that jazz. But I have a very very sweet tooth. Here is the easiest, healthiest recipe for cookies I know. I promise they taste delish (unlike the sweet potato brownies which were disastrous).

(makes 6)

1 mashed banana
2 tbsp apple sauce
60g gluten-free oats
white chocolate chips (optional)

Mix the ingredients and make mounds of mixture.
Bake at 200 Celsius for 15 minutes.