Human Pin Cushion


So the shots are in full swing. To be honest I don’t find them too bad. Each night my husband gets the needles ready and I lie on the bed with my t-shirt held up as a sort of shield to prevent me from seeing whats happening and we get it done. Side effects? Not really. Last time I recall being far more swollen and bloated to this time. However my husband would certainly say that I have been somewhat hormonal! In my defense I have been rather distracted by the stomach bug that has terrorised our home taking down my son, husband and myself. Nursing an ill baby whilst being ill and undergoing IVF is not ideal.

On alternate days I am required to have a scan to see the changes the drugs are having on my follicles. The scans themselves are not an issue. I don’t find them too unpleasant. The tricky part is going to the scans with an 8 month old. You would think an IVF clinic, whose job is to create babies, would be more accommodating to mothers visiting with babies. The lift is at top of a flight of stairs, the doors are heavy and too narrow to wheel a pram in and they are without fail always running late. Having arranged naps and snacks around these visits it is infuriating. However this phase is almost over. The egg collection is two days away and then the next stage will be upon us.

Watch this space!


Itchy & Scratchy


On Tuesday I wrote that I would not complain about anything pregnancy related and that now puts me in a difficult position! With that in mind I will say, in a manner that is informative rather than complaining, that I am so very itchy. Since I was a child I have had a mild allergy to sugar. If I eat too much natural or processed sugar my skin has breakouts of urticaria, a red blotchy rash. During my first pregnancy and up until now my pregnancy hormones have suppressed the allergy and I’ve hardly had it. Until now! Friday evening after an indulgent apple juice binge and a slab of chocolate cake my skin erupted into an angry mess. Since then any sugar I have injested has triggered a far more severe reaction than I ever used to have. So weird. Supposedly antihistamines are not advised during during pregnancy so it’s going to be a scratchy time! Has your food allergy been exacerbated during pregnancy?
Oh and The Great British Bake Off is not helping my sugar craving!

One Green Bottle


Did you know that your plastic water bottle could affect your fertility? According to recent research on the effects of  bisphenol A or BPA on a woman’s body the compound could damage developing ovaries. The study, started by Jodi Flaws, a bioscientist at the University of Illinois, found that bisphenol led to fewer and smaller follicles. Further analysis showed that estradiol, the sex hormone essential for normal reproductive development, was not being produced at normal levels. BPA was found to be responsible for hampering the production of such hormones. Dr Flaws said, ‘I think most scientists working today agree that BPA is an ovarian toxicant,’.

The exact effect BPA is still debatable, but a number of research projects have conclusively found that the chemical has an adverse effect on the working of the ovaries. According to Patricia Hunt, a genetics professor at Washington State University, the reasons for the rising rate of infertility in women could be a host of environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors, but scientist are keen to know if BPA played a considerable role in leading to infertility.

Either way I will be sticking to my BPA free bottle. Get yours at