IVF Chances


Amazingly, five million babies have been born worldwide since 1978 thanks to IVF. Recently, however, the press has put a spot light on the couples for whom the treatment doesn’t work. The statistics below demonstrate how low the odds of successful treatment are. While it must be utterly heartbreaking for couples who never have a successful pregnancy the press seems quite naive to think that couples who embark on IVF don’t know the odds of success. By the time they reach the decision of going down this route, they already know their chances are low. My husband and I certainly did. However, for many, it is a case of not looking back in the future and saying that we wished we had tried. We know it’s an expensive, emotional roller-coaster but it it is, in my opinion, a gamble worth taking.

Chance of an IVF baby

Age Success rate
Under 35 32.2%
35-37 27.7%
38-39 20.8%
40-42 13.6%
43-44 5.0%
45 and over 1.9%

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