Support Our Midwives


It’s been an eventful week. Last Thursday the anticipation of Monday’s scan became unbearable and I decided to visit the hospital. I just wanted to check the heartbeat and ensure all was well. The midwife was wonderful and so understanding of my lunacy. She told me plenty of women who have lost babies have similar moments and that I am welcome to visit whenever I need to. She said she will happily do Doppler checks whenever I need. Most importantly she understood why I am still expecting something to go wrong.
All the midwives I have encountered have been, without exception, outstanding. Kind and compassionate women who have really given the best care I could imagine. From the women on the labour ward during the horrendous ordeal of losing our baby, to the ladies who take bloods and accompany us to scans, we have been in the best hands.
On Monday health professionals, including midwives went on strike over the governments refusal to give staff a 1% pay rise. I support them and value their hard work, commitment and compassion. Do you?


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