Would You EVER…


… Announce Your Pregnancy On Social Media?

This week in Grazia (yep I read very high-brow publications) I saw that in a poll they took 31% of people voted that yes they would announce their pregnancies on social media, leaving 69% in agreement with me and voting no. During this pregnancy I have been extremely protective of sharing our news, but even last time I never would have made such a personal announcement on social media. I would far rather share it in person with my close friends and family. I actually have spent the last 3 months deleting the random people who have made their way onto my facebook with whom I have no contact and, if I’m honest, no interest in. Lately I’ve felt that social media can become a boasting platform and when I know how painful infertility or pregnancy loss can be, I would hate to be rubbing it in anyones face. What do you think about social media announcements? Is your life an open book?


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