NHS Say No To Desperate Couples


The reduction in IVF funding means that couples across the UK are no longer eligible for fertility treatment. One women wrote in Saturday’s Guardian that she was dismissed because her husband has children from a previous marriage. His children do not live with them, or even in the country. This does seem painfully unfair. Surely she deserves help for the medical problem she has. She rightly points out that in the area in which she lives more funding is spent on obesity and drug and alcohol addiction than on fertility treatment.

Now I hate to criticise the NHS as the care I received at UCH for the traumatic delivery of the baby we lost was fantastic. Furthermore the current maternity care I have received has been impossible to fault. However as someone who has been through IVF I cannot imagine the stress of being denied access to treatment. Infertility is painfully lonely and frustrating. Unless you have been there you cannot understand the desperate desire to have a baby and the emptiness felt when it seems impossible. So now as well as feelings of guilt, hopelessness, jealousy and inadequacy those with fertility issues have, they must now add anger at the changes into the mix.


One thought on “NHS Say No To Desperate Couples

  1. So true… We were initially declined funding and I was devastated! I felt so angry at the system funding breast implants and gastric bands and not our struggle to have a family.. We should all be looked at as individuals rather than just tick boxes on a sheet! So frustrating xx

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