Dare I Believe It


On Friday we had a scan (I know, another one!) and the doctor seemed pleased with what he saw and said I could relax a little. He also said we didn’t need to return for a month. I desperately want to believe it will all be okay now but I still can’t shake off the fear that it will all get stolen away from us again. However I am going to try to be little more positive.
I’m aware that as I get bigger it becomes more obvious that I am pregnant and so we could tell people. However it really scares me to. It makes it more real to say it aloud and I haven’t really allowed myself to believe that there will be a baby. I did look at the monitor at the scan though so that’s progress!


One thought on “Dare I Believe It

  1. I hope that you are soon at the point where you can relax and enjoy… or if not relax – at least enjoy!
    P.S. I’ve nominated for you a One Lovely Blog Award

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