Royal Baby Number Two


Yesterday the Duchess of Cambridge rushed out an announcement that she is pregnant again after suffering from hyperemesis gracidarum (extreme morning sickness). She is yet to reach the 12 week stage, when most couples share their pregnancy news, but since she was too ill to attend engagements they went ahead with an official announcement.
Most news stories have referred to the fact that it is considered a premature announcement and it got me thinking about when is the right time to share pregnancy news with friends and family. I am approaching 13 weeks, supposedly a safer time, but due to our previous experiences we have kept it a secret from most of our friends and family. My reason for keeping shtum is mostly to prevent the pregnancy from seeming real while I am yet to know if this baby is for keeps. We intend to announce it when we have confirmation of the baby’s health. The only problem is that my swelling stomach is making it increasingly difficult!
Some are of the belief that to share early pregnancy news is risky when the chances of a miscarriage are higher. However if one was to experience a miscarriage would it not be preferable to have the support and understanding of friends, rather than suffering in silence? Perhaps a bit of openess stops women feeling isolated. I could not have dealt with our loss alone.

When did you announce?


One thought on “Royal Baby Number Two

  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! I have a really good friend who is pregnant with her first and she initially (before pregnancy) thought she would be able to keep the secret well into her pregnancy. This is her first ever positive after 2 1/2 years of ovulation issues so when it did finally happen she’s found it really hard to keep the secret. What started as ‘I’ll just tell my Mum’, has turned into telling lots of close friends and family. Not everyone, that’s for sure but she is just 5 weeks and has told a lot more people than she expected. Like you, her perspective is that if little one doesn’t end up holding on, she will have lots of friends and family with whom to grieve/ reflect with. Hope this is helpful. 😀 Good lunch with your little one!

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