A Mini Sigh Of Relief


So the scan on Monday was, as predicted, an emotional affair! I was anxious beforehand but I was not expecting the surge of tears that came as I lay down on the bed for the scan. I suppose it was a painful reminder of the last awful scan which took place in that same Fetal Medicine Unit. When I apologised to the doctor for being a crazy person he said very kindly, and perhaps dishonestly, that he’d seen worse.

Once I had overcome the initial shock and sobbing I just waited and watched intently for the doctors reaction. Having decided not to look at the monitor, all I could do was grip my husbands hand and hope things looked normal. My husband, braver than I, did look. I glanced over occasionally.

We knew that at 12 weeks the baby would be too small for a conclusive assessment of the babies health and that that was not likely until 16 weeks. However our excellent doctor is a specialist in the early detection of birth defects and he told us that based on the early examinations he feels confident that things seem well. The doctor stressed that he needs to scan me again next week and until he can look at things more closely he won’t know with enough certainty.

Next week we should know more. It’s a good first step. And we feel very confident in the care of an Israeli-educated specialist (probably the world’s finest) and a kind and compassionate midwife. For now we can take a mini sigh of relief.


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