One Green Bottle


Did you know that your plastic water bottle could affect your fertility? According to recent research on the effects of  bisphenol A or BPA on a woman’s body the compound could damage developing ovaries. The study, started by Jodi Flaws, a bioscientist at the University of Illinois, found that bisphenol led to fewer and smaller follicles. Further analysis showed that estradiol, the sex hormone essential for normal reproductive development, was not being produced at normal levels. BPA was found to be responsible for hampering the production of such hormones. Dr Flaws said, ‘I think most scientists working today agree that BPA is an ovarian toxicant,’.

The exact effect BPA is still debatable, but a number of research projects have conclusively found that the chemical has an adverse effect on the working of the ovaries. According to Patricia Hunt, a genetics professor at Washington State University, the reasons for the rising rate of infertility in women could be a host of environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors, but scientist are keen to know if BPA played a considerable role in leading to infertility.

Either way I will be sticking to my BPA free bottle. Get yours at


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