12 Week Scan


By the time you read this I will be at the hospital having our 12 week scan. Eeek! I’ve had scans at 6 and 8 weeks at our fertility clinic but now the doctor will begin to see more and be able to diagnose some potential health abnormalities.

Unsurprisingly I am extremely anxious about returning to the Fetal Medicine Unit, which we visited for the horrendous 20 week follow up scan last time. I can’t bare the thought of getting more bad news and potentially having to terminate again. Obviously the sane part of me knows that the likelihood is low but once it has happened once I think it will always been troubling.

The terrible condition diagnosed in my last pregnancy cannot be found at this early stage so there is still more worrying ahead, however there are many other problems that could be found.

Have you had an anxious pregnancy following one that was terminated for medical reasons?


2 thoughts on “12 Week Scan

  1. PM if you wish – our baby was diagnosed with the same condition as yours at 12 weeks. Only a few doctors are able to do this and I am happy to discuss in provate if you would like?

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