Keeping Up With The Joneses



I promise I am not someone overly concerned with what other people have. Obviously I envy the odd celeb wielding the latest must-have handbag in Grazia, or someone on my facebook sunning it up at the beach while I am in rainy London. However in normal everyday life I am more than content with my life. In fact I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to have all that I do and I would not want to trade lives with anyone.

The only time where other peoples lives make me feel jealous or anxious is when I see people my age having their second child already when I am yet to manage one. How is that fair?! Now I realise that I have time to have multiple children but I also have a lot more complexities to overcome to enable it to happen. I am also aware that these lucky people are not rubbing it in, but as they talk about their lives I do feel like I should be enjoying family life like they are. I was so close. It’s a horrid feeling. Most importantly I realise that that nobody knows the struggles people have in their lives. Perhaps they have their challenges too. And perhaps somebody sees an aspect of my life they wish they have. Either way I will try not to compare my life to others. Hopefully I will get what I dream of someday.


2 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The Joneses

  1. I could have written this. I love my life and I love what I do have, but other people’s pregnancy announcements now make a chill run down my spine and feelings of sadness, worry, envy and resentment surface again.
    Best wishes with your pregnancy x

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