Doppler – Do or Don’t?


If you, like me, are paranoid and fearful about your baby’s health you may have entertained the idea of buying a doppler, the machine that detects the baby’s heartbeat. I thought that perhaps it would put my mind at ease if I could continuously check the baby was still alive. Hand-held Dopplers are thought to be perfectly safe, however, most doctors and midwives advise against using them at home. Dopplers are meant for professionals, who are trained in finding a baby’s heartbeat. Not being able to find your baby’s heartbeat could cause you a lot of worry. And you can’t always be sure that it’s your baby’s heartbeat that you are hearing. It’s very easy to pick up the sound of blood flowing through the placenta, or your own vessels, and mistake it for a heartbeat. This may cause you to be falsely reassured. On that basis I have decided not to get one. Let me know if you are using one at home and whether it is easing your worries.



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