Refunds for Unsuccessful IVF Couples


On August 2nd the Telegraph wrote an article about a fertility clinic in Manchester which is offering refunds to couples for whom IVF treatment is unsuccessful.

The “money-back guarantee” will be rolled out at a clinic in Brighton later this month. Patients must be under 37 and using their own eggs to be eligible for the IVF Refund Programme which will allow them to get 70 per cent of their fees back. Depending on the plan they pick, refunds could be up £9,000.The clinic has said that the package was designed to ‘reassure’ patients worried about the costs of private treatment that they won’t lose out financially if they do not have a baby. Repeated courses of IVF can run to tens of thousands of pounds for couples who are not eligible for NHS funding when they are paying for treatment.

Dr Falconer, lead embryologist at Manchester Fertility said: “It’s fantastic for the patient because it will give them that peace of mind. They will get the very best, state of the art treatment to maximise their chances of success… and, if it doesn’t work the first time, at least they won’t have to go out and try to raise any more money. The guarantee lasts not just until they conceive but until they have a baby.”

A clinic in Brighton, Sussex, will offer its refund scheme from August 12, and more will follow suit in London, the south west and Northern Ireland in September.

Since the cost of IVF is unbelievably high new payment schemes such as this will alleviate a lot of stress for patients. We were extremely fortunate to have financial support from our parents. However there are many for whom this is not an option. I will be asking our clinic if they have any intention of implementing a similar scheme.

To read the article visit:


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