TLA (Three Letter Acronym)


If you have been navigating the torturous road to motherhood and you have, like myself, had the misfortune of experiencing the challenges of IVF and a pregnancy termination for medical reasons, you will no doubt have visited one or two (hundred) blogs, forums or websites. Mumsnet, Baby Centre, The Bump – there are endless choices. There you will have learned a new language. The language of fertility TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms). These abbreviations are used widely and consistently. My husband will regularly ask, for example ‘what does EWCM mean?’ and I know instantly. In this case he wished he’d never asked!

There are many more than ten but these are amongst the most common. Put your skills to the test!

Common Abbreviations

What do the following TLA’s mean?

1. 2WW

2. AF

3. BFN

4. BFP


6. DH

7. DPO

8. MC


10. TTC

Answers: 1. 2 week wait (post embryo transfer) 2. Aunt Flo (period) 3. Big Fat Negative 4. Big Fat Positive 5. Egg White Cervical Mucus 6. Dear/Darling Husband 7. Days Past Ovulation 8. Miscarriage 9. Pee On A Stick 10. Trying To Conceive


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