Shit. In two days I turn 30. How did this happen? I thought I was Peter Pan, I’m not supposed to grow up. I feel about 16. I happen to look about 16 too. Aged 28, the staff on easyjet asked me to move from the emergency exit seats as they are only suitable for those over 16.

In my mind ones twenties represent being young and carefree, with life being full of endless possibilities. In contrast, ones thirties are synonymous with mortgages, eye-creams and radio 4. I think it dawned on me that I was approaching 30 when I actually began to like Radio 4 more than Radio 1, and some of the clothing in Topshop suddenly seemed a bit young for me.

I expected to have a baby by 30. Being 29 has been exceptionally crap, so despite my reservations being 30 can only be an improvement. Plus I have a delightful weekend planned with my friends and family to mark the occasion.

For some positivity and great life lessons for life at 30 read this: http://www.markmanson.net/10-life-lessons-excel-30s

Oh and happy almost birthday to me!


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