Going Insane


I keep groping my boobs to see if they feel tender. Then I wonder if my cramps feel like period cramps or pregnancy cramps.  I think my back aches, but maybe I slept funny. I don’t feel nauseous, I don’t have a head ache. My appetite is normal. I feel tired, but who doesn’t feel fatigued after all the IVF stress?

Pregnancy “symptoms” can be attributed to the side effects of Cyclogest, a suppository I use daily (lucky me) to increase my  progesterone levels.

Last time I don’t remember feeling anything during the Two Week Wait and I was pregnant.

Driving my husband mad.

This. Is. Torture.


One thought on “Going Insane

  1. All i can say is good luck and ‘try’ not to drive yourself mad. What will be will be. I’ll keep my everything crossed for you

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