Why Me? Why Not Me?


I didn’t, and I still don’t, understand why things had to go the way they did. Why didn’t we get to keep our baby? Why did this have to happen? Why couldn’t everything be different? Why me?

But then again why not me? We constantly hear that tragic, awful, shocking things happen, but they always seem to happen to other people. Bad things happen far away – to people living in third-world countries, people who experience natural disasters, people in war torn lands. Bad things happen closer to home – rape, murder, illness, abuse – the list is endless. Bad things happen on the 6 o’clock news and on the front pages of the newspapers. Bad things happen to someone you know, a friend of a friend, someone on Facebook, someone at work. Eventually, it seemed, a bad thing happened to us. It was our turn.

I thought I may find a religious viewpoint or a philosophical understanding for the whole nightmare. I have not. All I have concluded is that shit happens. And I cannot complain to much, as aside from this I’ve never had a struggle. My life has always been privileged, happy, carefree and easy. As good as it got. So this was just one of those cruel, painful things that people deal with every day all over the world.

Luck, fate, G-d, the universe, is out of our control. So we have just got to play the cards we are dealt and have faith that ultimately things will be okay.


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