Premenstrual Twinge or Pregnancy Twinge?


And so it begins. Am I pregnant? Am I not pregnant? PUPO (Pregnant until proven otherwise) is a term I have seen on blogs. The worst part is that pregnancy symptoms are pretty similar to those experienced before a period. During my last pregnancy I felt nothing at this point. I was convinced that I was not pregnant because I felt completely normal. My nausea didn’t start until about 6 weeks in. That and a heightened sense of smell that resulted in me telling my poor husband how bad he smelt. Consequently I have had moments of absolute certainty that I am pregnant, followed, often minutes later, with total conviction that I am not pregnant and my period is coming. It’s a roller coaster! I experience cramps at various points in my cycle so I have to remind myself that it may mean diddly squat.

The wait until the blood test is going to be unbearable.

(FYI that is not my stomach. Sadly.)


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