To Rest Or Not To Rest?

feet up


It seems that once embryos are transferred, there is nothing a patient can do to influence the outcome. Conception is a natural event that depends primarily upon the genetic quality of the eggs. Currently, there is no substantial evidence as to whether bed rest or continuing normal activities following the procedure makes a difference to the outcome.

Some physicians encourage patients to rest for twenty four hours, others suggest returning to normal activities as soon as possible. Many choose to rest because they think that by doing so they are improving their chances, while others elect to return to normal activities to help them avoid worrying. Essentially you should decide your course of action based on your own instincts.

If I had an office job where I was sat most of the day I probably would have returned the following day. However my job is hectic and active, and I knew that I would worry more, and blame myself later if the cycle failed, had I not taken it easy for a few days. Perhaps catering to your emotional needs is the most essential consideration.

Feet up for me!


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