Truth or Twaddle?


I am a cynical person. Without question alternative treatments made me very skeptical. So the idea of acupuncture seemed like a load of new age twaddle.

To increase your chances of getting pregnant you need to create an inviting environment for an embryo to implant and develop. There seems to be a lot of studies suggesting that acupuncture improves uterine lining, increases blood flow to the uterus, regulates hormones and reduces stress. Now it may be a load of rubbish, and when the lady administering talked about ‘nourishment’ it sounded like nonsense, but quite honestly I will try anything. If there a suggestion that rubbing dog poo on your privates would help my embryo transfer I would do it.

So on Saturday I went for my first session. I put on a mindfulness audio and shut my eyes for 30 minutes. It felt odd, but also relaxing and calming. I decided to book a session for before and after the embryo transfer.

Placebo affect? Maybe. But it can’t hurt, and I will do whatever it takes to help things along. So sign me up!


One thought on “Truth or Twaddle?

  1. I have the same doubt… I didnt acupuncture for a while too for infertility purposes but to be honest it just made me antsy… I’m no good at staying still… but I hear it helps! I dont think I did it enough to see a difference…

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