I hate ovulation tests!



Before our embryo transfer could be scheduled we had to track my hormone levels using ovulation tests. To do this I had to do a wee test daily. Fine in theory. In reality this is problematic for a multitude of reasons:

1. The test tells you to use the first wee of the day and the doctor says to use the second.

2. The test is done every 24 hours so it is possible to miss the hormone surge.

3. The darkness of the line is hard to be certain about.

4. The smiley faces on Clear Blue tests look smug.

All this may seem irrelevant but we were so frightened of getting it wrong or missing my ovulation as we would then have the embryo transferred at the wrong time.

I ended up in my crazy state spending £65 on ovulation tests. I now have a lifetime supply and one of every brand.

It frustrated me a lot that this carefully monitored, precise, scientific and expensive IVF process eventually depended on me judging the darkness of my pee on a stick that cost £1.


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